Hey Gorgeous

If we don’t know each other yet, let’s get cozy!

I’m Taylor, Feminine Abundance coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I work with women just like to level up their mindset and begin creating success for themselves like a WOMAN.

That means less burn out and more flow and ease.

I bet this sounds familiar,

  • You work really hard to just have enough to get by
  • Your bank account has been chillin’ around the same amount (give or take) for a while now and you’re ready to see some growth
  • You’re tired of feeling burnt out and ready for so much more
  • You’re done with feeling fear or resistance every time you swipe your card to buy yourself something nice

I feel you.

I hear you.

I am you.

Not that long ago I felt the same way. I couldn’t seem to break past that barrier keeping me from making more money.

I couldn’t bridge the gap between who I was and the person I want to be.

My money mindset needed a little help, and that was scary for me.

But then something amazing happened.

The fear turned into delight and excitement as I dug into my thoughts and feelings about money,

and used the Law Of Attraction and energy to have my back.

I started manifesting gifts and money left and right. It all just suddenly made sense.

It didn’t have to be scary. It got to be delicious.

And now I want to make money delicious for you too.

The Feminine Guide To Money Mindset

In this masterclass I will be sharing all my Universal mindset hacks to get out of your own way and start manifesting real money, real fast (no more stressing about that $6 Starbucks order). We’ll be expanding your energetic capacity for receiving and healing toxic money beliefs from the past that really aren’t serving you.

In this Masterclass we’ll be:

  • Discussing feminine trauma & beliefs around money and how they are holding you back so you can move passed them and manifest with ease.
  • Learning old patriarchal beliefs about abundance that don’t work so you can manifest money like a Woman and step into the ease of feminine receiving.
  • Removing any fear around money so that money becomes a pleasurable and exciting experience for you.
  • Learning your current femme financial capacity so you can expand that limit by the thousands.
  • Discussing money as an energy & how to make it your bestie so that money wants to hang out with you all the time.
  • Learning how to take care of and distribute your money like a queen so that your money feels well taken care of each day.
  • Decluttering expenses that aren’t serving your Goddess self so your bank account is primed and ready to receive more.
  • Discussing the Laws of the Universe so that you can work with the Universe to co-create exactly what you want, fast.
  • Diversifying your income in creative and fun ways so that you can have multiple streams of fun and/or passive income coming your way each month.
  • Learning about money as energy so that you can always match it’s frequency and create more whenever you want.

Get ready to get paid.

Join me in the Feminine Guide To Money Mindset Masterclass.

What if I’m not a Woman?

You are welcome here. There is much talk about feminine energy and female conditioning, but the work in this masterclass works for everyone, no matter your gender or race. You will still receive a TON of value from this masterclass, and I’d love to have you.

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