I'm Taylor

& I am elated to have you here.

I’m a Feminine Abundance coach and clinical hypnotherapist

My deepest desire is

to guide women just like you become wildly successful, fully embodied and confidently living life on your terms.

I’m passionate about you

feeling wildly confident, creating an epic love story, magnetizing sooo much money, feeling the deepest pleasure, deliciously dropping into your body, activating your feminine intuition and being completely aligned with your truest self and the Universe.

This is where the juiciness is!

I’m here to escort you through your sacred journey to receive more love, more pleasure, more money and more success unapologetically.

I’m here to help you feel turned on by harnessing your power and cat-walking your way to success.

I’m here to show you how to treat money like a lover, and invite that energy into your bed every night.

I’m here to assist you in connecting deeper with your breath, body and your partner(s)

All of this is the truth of who you are. You deserve to have good things and deep down, past all the blocks and beliefs, you know this - which is why you’re here.

I know this because we are more alike then you’d think, you and I.

I needed this work, and it transformed my life. I healed a chronic pain disorder, healed my relationship with my body and pleasure, aligned myself with the universe and began attracting magic into my life.

This is the place to be if you’re ready for more and are dedicated to your own transformation.

Check out the Sacred Offerings below and pick your potion.

If you are interested in private coaching with me, please visit my website at www.upgradewithtaylor.com

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