I healed my life, and now it's become my mission to help you feel really good too!

Hi, I’m Taylor.

I moved to LA in 2012 with a dream, a little money saved and a chronic pain disorder that literally affected every area of my life. This disorder is called Interstitial Cystitis, and she came with a whole host of other painful party gifts. Do you know how hard it is to be a young girl in this city trying to make things happen with chronic pain holding you back? It was difficult working on my feet all day, impossible to date and I couldn’t eat anything without pain. In and out of the Doctor constantly being told there was nothing they could do for me, being poked and prodded at in my areas that were supposed to be the most sacred, I felt broken. I had a man tell me once “You shouldn’t tell people about your illness, I mean, no one wants to love a sick girl.” Little did I know those words would stay with me forever. I became determined to fix this, to heal myself despite the naysayers. I studied and learned everything I could about nutrition, the body, alkaline vs acidity, mindset, psychology and more. I decided a raw Vegan was the best way to heal myself, just to hit the restart button on my body.

I began consuming raw green juices and playing with raw (non acidic) foods, trial and error became my new motto. On top of that, I was working with my mindset, catching negative thoughts and turning them into a positive. I had to truly believe in myself and believe that I could heal. The mind is really incredible. I’ve learned over the years that you can literally write your own story, believe it deeply, and watch it unfold in front of you, but more about that in a minute.

Honoring my femininity became a huge part of my healing too. Things I thought were silly became sacred practices, honoring my divine feminine. I was dancing in the mirror with my clothes off, candles lit everywhere and belly dancing music playing in the background. I’d hold deep eye contact with myself and have full empowering conversations. What felt forced became ritual. Reconnecting to my body after the trauma of I.C. was the tipping point… and three months later, I was really healing. Six months later, all my symptoms were gone. Over seven years later, and I am still symptom-free. I then began coaching women all around the world with the same disorder, see I had been recording my entire process on YouTube and didn’t realize how many people were watching. (IC Angel on YouTube)

Though I continued with my dream of being an actress, I also moved into the world of coaching and empowerment.

I studied and trained and received my Women’s Healing Arts Teacher certification, my focus was around female sexuality and creativity. This lit up my soul like nothing else, it was just so juicy! I then went on to receive my certification in The Mayan’s Method, after spending five days in Tepoztlan Mexico practicing it, which is an acting technique using energy and colors to download characters into the body. I began making empowering videos and meditations on YouTube (Liberate Femme on YouTube) which gave me so much joy that I decided to return to the acting world full time… this is where my life became mundane.

I spent thousands on acting classes, workshops, new headshots and had a million reasons why I believed no one was booking me. When I did get a callback or other opportunity, I suddenly wouldn’t feel well or some life drama would pop up making it hard to follow through. I was spending my nights at the host stand and my money on a career that wasn’t paying me back. I felt discouraged and hopeless and it was heavy. I blamed the industry and the market and decided to quit. But working without having a direction didn’t make me feel any better. I had a deep desire to create and I realized I would always feel incomplete if I didn’t make it happen. Since I had used mindset and now hypnotherapy to get results for my physical health, I knew this was the path to go down again. I am certified as a Hypnotherapist in October of 2019, and it is gorgeous work. I realized the problem had been the way I was thinking about acting and I could apply the same mindset strategies I was using for my health to get new results in my professional career. I began booking films and pilots, I wrote and produced my own series Upgrade U (with my writing partner, Kyle Durack) and am in pre-production for another series (created by Brendan Lynch and written by Adam Kantor).

For me, I need both the creativity of the film industry and the mental well-being and magic of the personal development world to live a completely fulfilled and delicious life. So today, I help my fellow creatives reach their goals in their own careers through mindset coaching and hypnotherapy sessions!

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